i got a real adult dirt bike

i had to do it.

1997 yz125. it’s in great shape for being almost 15 years old, and i got it from a guy locally on craigslist for $800. can’t beat that with a stick. it has a few extra goodies too. pro circuit platinum pipe, pro taper bars, motion pro throttle, twinair filter. this thing is a monster for a little bike. not too crazy on the low end, but once you get up into first gear..hold the hell on. 2nd and 3rd are non-optional wheelie time, 4th 5th and 6th are pretty close, seems appropriate for a MX bike. but it kicks hard for a 125, and the engine wants to build revs so fast once it’s on the pipe and the powervalve opens up. such a cool ride.

for guys that are into riding mx and dirt hardcore, this is a little bike. i can put my feet down flat..but i prefer that for now while i’m learning. speaking of learning, i took it out yesterday to the farm in the picture. my brother and his friends have jumps and a circuit set up. they  forgot to tell me that the last jump is a deceivingly steep kicker that requires a bit of practice and technique. well..having had neither of those things, i went in headfirst. literally. i flipped it over the front, slammed the ground headfirst, and spent the next 10 minutes getting really familiar with the patch of grass that i landed on. today i’m pretty much sore everywhere, but i didn’t break anything(except my helmet..oh well it was time for a new one anyway, and the rear fender, which can be easily replaced). I got back up after a little chill out time and hit the jumps again. it’ll all take some getting used to…

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